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Website Creation Services

To be effective, your website must be created in alignment with your business goals, marketing strategy and tactics, and sales processes. Understanding these makes it clear what pages you will need, what information and messages will go on each page, and what actions you want visitors to take after each page they visit. Your website development professional at New Tech Web will walk you through the process. It is often an eye-opening process. You are likely to have new insights into the many ways the website will help you achieve your business goals that stretch far beyond your initial hopes for your site. Through this process you will develop a clear picture of how your company will be successful online. And, how your website (and online marketing) will leverage and support your offline sales and marketing efforts. Importantly, your website plan will dovetail with your processes and systems - making it an integrated part of your business processes.

Business Websites

An effective website will:

Following proven-successful online and offline marketing fundamentals, we will work with you to make your website an effective tool for strengthening your business. Unsure what to write for your website pages? Don't worry - we'll make it easy and save you hours of time. Wondering about photos for your website? We've got your back there, too. At every step, you'll receive recommendations and assistance so that you are confident in the success of your new site. After your site is launched - new pages, photos, video, and more can be added to your site as you desire - keeping your website current and making your website an increasingly effective tool for your business. See examples in our website portfolio.

E-Commerce Websites

Selling your products online (both physical products and downloadable products) may be a key element to your business success. There are many options when it comes to designing and building e-commerce.

We have created a wide variety of online stores and will work with you step-by-step to create a successful site for your products. We'll talk with you about your needs, your products, and your process in order to develop a plan for a custom solution that works for you. A significant advantage of a custom e-commerce website is that it is tailor made to how you want it to work. If you have managed a "pre-built" online store for very long you’ll understand just how significant it is to have a store that is tailored in every way to how you want it to work. If you aren't sure what you need - that's normal. We'll ask you what we need to know and educate you as we go so that you are comfortable at every stage of the process. You can count on an online store that is the right solution for your team, your clients, your objectives, and your budget.

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